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Learn all about website extensions with our “Domain Extensions” blog category! A domain extension is the letters that come after the “dot” in a website address. Our articles will explain what a domain extension is, how it’s used, and what the different types of extensions are. We’ll help you understand the purpose of different extensions, such as “.com”, “.org”, “.net”, and many others. You’ll learn about the best extension to use for your website, depending on its purpose. With our easy-to-understand guidance, you can choose the right extension for your website and make it easy for people to find you online. Start reading now and explore the world of domain extensions!


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What are ccTLDs and how do they work?

Explore the world of ccTLDs and learn how these country-specific domain extensions can impact your website’s SEO and online presence.

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cTLDs: what does it stand for?

cTLDs are a mistaken version of “ccTLDs”. The correct term is indeed “ccTLDs,” which stands for “country code top-level domains.”

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The Coolest Domain Names for Startups

Discover the coolest domain extensions for your startup or website! From .io to .cloud to .xyz, there are a variety of unique and memorable extensions to choose from. Learn how brandable domains can help your website stand out, and find the perfect extension to communicate what your website is all about.

Examples of gTLDs (.com, .net, .org,..)

gTLDs: what are they?

gTLDS or generic top-level domains, are the extensions of domain names that come after the dot, like .com, .org, and .net.

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Does Domain Extension Affect SEO?

If you’re wondering whether or not to buy a certain domain extension, read this article first. We’ll tell you how each one affects your SEO!

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.Com Domain extension: Still the best domain!

Discover the financial potential of owning a .com domain. Learn how to choose, register, and profit from your domain in this comprehensive guide. Start increasing your wealth today