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List of most valuable domains in 2022

Domain names are becoming increasingly valuable as the internet grows more and more popular. In 2022, some of the most valuable domain names were sold for huge sums of money.


It’s hard to believe, but 2023 is just around the corner. And with it comes a new batch of top domain sales. Which domains will be the hottest in the coming year? Here at Domain buy, we’ve made a list of top domain names sold in 2022. Keep reading to see which domains made our list – and why we think they were sold for that amount of money!

Here is a list of the ten most valuable domain sales of the year. Keep reading to find out why these domains were so coveted by buyers!

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1. – $15 million

An unprecedented event occurred on August 3rd when the domain name was sold for a whooping $15 million dollars. It is reported that this is the most expensive domain name publicly acquired in 2022. The sale stirred up much excitement in the blockchain space and opened the doors to more widespread adoption of NFTs.

Additionally, it attracted more investors and enterprises to jump onboard with this technology. Blockchain projects are now increasingly embracing NFTs for developments ranging from apps to virtual gaming and art collections, further cementing its position as an emerging mainstream technology.

2. – $10 million

The sale of the for $10 million is surely a historic moment in the world of digital real-estate. Not only does it demonstrate that well-recognized domain names can fetch enormous sums. However, it also reflects ongoing trends about the importance of a business’s web presence for consumer trustworthiness and market visibility.

3. – $3,8 million

The domain name sale opened the doors for more ultra-high-value domain name purchases. At $3,8 million, this deal is now one of the most expensive transactions ever facilitated by Domain Name Centre.

This monumental event can completely reshape the investing landscape, as it has highlighted the sheer potential of highly coveted digital assets and how much they can be worth in our current economy.

4. – $1,8 million

On February 2nd, 2022, was sold for a whopping $1.8 million. The buyer of this highly-coveted domain name remains anonymous. However, the sale reinforces the importance of investing in and utilizing the benefits of owning a unique flagship website.

With its instantly recognizable branding, will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset to whoever now holds its reigns. Could it be the dawn of a new era in digital marketing? Only time will tell, but this groundbreaking move demonstrates just how influential and powerful a simple domain name can be.

4. – $1,6 million

The website shortening industry recently experienced an unprecedented sale when was purchased for $1.6 million. This tops the list of most expensive domain name purchases and highlights the potential success of investing in internet domains.

As many businesses around the world are recognizing the need to own a recognizable website. This example shows that the prices for desired sites can reach extraordinary amounts. It is becoming increasingly important to grab hold of a desirable site as a way to increase their customer base.

5. – $1,6 million

The sale of for $1.6 million is a fantastic example of the potential of domain names as an asset. The purchase price was reflective of the traffic and brand profile that was attached to this particular domain name. The lesson here is that when properly assessed, investing in a valuable online presence can pay substantial dividends down the line – sometimes even years later!

6. – $1,5 million recently made headlines with its stunning $1.5 million sale of a single domain name. However, the deal went beyond being just another expensive purchase. This transaction allowed a data and technology company to emphasize their commitment to reshaping the gemstone industry.

7. – $1,2 million

In January of 2022, a media company called purchased the domain for $1,228 million dollars in cash. The media company appears to be making a strong commitment to its future and is investing in apprising market values such as this online domain.

The sale was an unprecedented amount for any domain name and a real game changer for the industry. The purchase speaks to the potential value of online domain names and provides tangible evidence that investments into them can pay off big time if handled correctly by knowledgeable professionals.

8. – $1 million

The recently announced $1 million sale of the domain name is making headlines across the online industry. It demonstrates a new level of investment in digital assets. For those unfamiliar with this transaction, was purchased by a wealthy investor whose goal was to create an online platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to share ideas about economic stability.

9. – $950 thousand’s recent domain sale for $950 thousand has been an opportunity to re-evaluate the potential of domain name investments. This domain was purchased by a biotechnology company (BioNTech SE), in a move that served as an indication of commitment to growing their business and improving customer engagement with their brand through online presence.

10. – $800 thousand is the domain name behind one of the most profitable domain sales of 2022, with an impressive $800 thousand being paid for its acquisition. The domain was purchased by a financial services company looking to invest in their online presence and build a reputation as a leader within their industry.

11. – $600 thousand has been sold for a whopping $600 thousand dollars, showcasing the domain’s potential as an investment tool. The domain was purchased by a boat manufacturer and distributor, who are now looking to capitalize on the domain’s reputation to increase sales and gain recognition in their industry.

12. – $570 thousand

The sale of captured the attention of many in the online business world. Purchased by a buyer in China, the domain name was sold for an incredible $570 thousand, affirming its potential as a business tool.

13. – $550 thousand was purchased for an eye-watering $550 thousand. The domain’s purchaser is a global cloud computing company looking to invest in their online presence and take advantage of the domain’s reputation as one of the top domain names on the market.

14. – $540 thousand, a domain name with immense potential, was recently purchased for an astonishing $540 thousand. The domain was bought by an online trading platform looking to capitalize on the domain’s reputation and create a platform for traders all over the world.

15. – $476 thousand

The domain was recently sold for $476 thousand, highlighting the domain’s potential as an online business asset. The domain was purchased by a gambling company looking to capitalize on its reputation as well as leverage it to create an online betting platform in California.

16. – $475 thousand

The recent sale of, a three-letter domain that sold to an unidentified buyer for $475 thousand dollars. This remarkable sale reinforces the idea that a successful business needs a great website address to attract customers, increase brand awareness, and boost visibility on the web.

17. – $359 thousand was recently sold for an astonishing $359,000 to a Chinese e-commerce company.

In addition to securing a highly profitable piece of internet real estate, the new owner will benefit from greater brand recognition and easier search engine optimization as a result of high value domains like

18. – $336 thousand, a domain name known for its excellent branding potential, was recently sold for $336 thousand to an undisclosed buyer. The domain’s acquisition is evidence that domain names remain a lucrative investment opportunity and an invaluable asset for any business looking to increase their online presence.

19. – $336 thousand, a domain name with excellent domain name recognition, was sold in 2022 for an impressive $336 thousand. The domain’s new owner will benefit from improved search engine optimization, better customer engagement and increased visibility on the web as a result of this domain sale.

20. – $315 thousand

The recent sale of the domain name for a whopping 281,666 USD demonstrates the overwhelming success that can be achieved in the domain market. With its simple yet memorable nature, the domain easily captured attention to buyers across all industries and backgrounds. This is a prime example of how owning a strategic and high value domain name can be an incredibly powerful form of online real estate that can turn an impressive profit. Whether used as a business asset or as an investment opportunity, having the right domain name can make all the difference.

Where to find the rest of 2022 domain sales?

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Final Thoughts in top list of domain sales in 2022

The above domain sales provide crucial insight into the domain name market in 2022 and exemplify the potential domain names still hold for businesses. With domain names continuing to be bought and sold at high prices, it is clear that domain names remain a valuable investment opportunity for any business.

The top 20 domain sales of 2022 prove this point and will continue to shape the domain market in the years to come. Whether you are a domain investor, business owner or domain broker, these domain sales provide an important glimpse into the domain market and new opportunities for success.

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